I can't believe you used detergents back then!"

- your future grandchildren



A clean and sustainable future for a happier healthier planet (and all who live on it).



We commit to cleanliness inside and out, and that goes for our values too of course! We are dedicated to honesty, sustainability and change for the good of people and planet.



Since establishing his professional laundry and dry cleaning business, The Laundry Club, in 1998, Evan Lee was troubled by a thought: "Must laundry and cleaning be toxic to our health and the environment?"

In his search for a solution, Evan tried Aqueous Ozone technology and found the results astounding! Not only were the stinkiest of soiled sheets cleaned and sanitized with ease, The Laundry Club had quicker wash and dry times, savings on bills and all without producing any chemical waste.

"This is what cleaning should be!" And so OZONO was founded in 2021, at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, as our need to clean and sanitize pollutes the environment at an ever increasing rate.

We are working to equip people and industries with sustainable and effective everyday solutions for cleaner homes, businesses, communities and most of all, a cleaner Earth. Laundry is just a start.

Backed by professionals

Ozono is founded and backed by industry professionals.

Our technologies are rooted in science, meticulously designed and rigorously tested by professional laundry and cleaning businesses to ensure you'll have the same fresh bright clean at home.

Break out of the bubble

Unbound by convention, we work to challenge the status quo that is affecting our world, and join hands with like-minded people to take a stand for impactful change. Change starts with us!