Installation Guide

Yes, OZONO devices are designed to work with all washing machines. We also make sure that every OZONO device comes with a washing machine compatible connector hose.

Similar to a washing machine, OZONO can be installed outdoors, as long as it is safe from the elements (rain, excessive sun, strong winds), for example in the service yard under shelter. Long term direct exposure to the elements will damage the OZONO device.

No, it is not necessary to drill into the wall to install OZONO. You can also wall mount the OZONO device using 3M command strips*. You will need to use at least 4 strips, each with a minimum weight limit of 2.2kg.

Alternatively, the OZONO device can also be placed on a flat surface like a shelf, preferably above the washing machine.

Some users prefer to leave the OZONO device flat on top of the washing machine and have reported no issues with performance doing so. However, we do not recommended this solution, as the vibrations from certain washing machines may cause damage to the OZONO device.

*Please note that 3M command strips do not work on certain surfaces. Please make sure to check the command strip packaging before proceeding to use this method.

Wall mounting your OZONO is quick and easy with the wall mounting kit provided.

Watch the installation video here

If your machine is free-standing
No, it is not necessary. Installing your OZONO device takes less than 10 minutes and can be easily done without any plumbing or handyman experience. You only need to use a power tool if you plan to wall mount your OZONO device by drilling. Alternatively you can wall mount your OZONO using 3M command strips, or place it on a flat surface, ideally above the washing machine.

If your machine is built in
Yes, it is recommended to hire a handyman, plumber or contractor if you have difficulty accessing the power socket, water faucet for your washing machine. For certain built-in washing machine setups, you may need to cut or alter cabinetry to install OZONO.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Watch our quick and simple installation video here.

1. Turn off the water faucet

2. Try to tighten the connect joint.

3. Very slowly, turn on the water faucet to check for the leak again.

For some hoses, tightening the connector too much could also lead to a leak. In this case, adjust the connector screw until the leak stops

The y-joint is used to direct the Aqueous Ozone (Ozonated water) to two different areas. One pipe sends water to the washing machine, while the other pipe can be connected to a spray hose. This way, you can use your OZONO for other purposes like handwashing clothes, mopping the floor, and cleaning surfaces.

Yes, the y-joint is an additional component and will not affect the performance of your OZONO device. You may install the OZONO without it if you wish.

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